Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dancing "chicken"

This is our darling, dancing, daughter, Madie. She LOVES dance. She has been at it for 2 years now and has come a long way! This is her "chicken" costume from last season. Every girl needs a costume with bright yellow feathers! Wouldn't you agree?

Our little gymnast

This is Brin ( and her teammate Sofi). Brin has been taking gymnastics for 2 years. This summer she finally made the competition team! What an achievement for her. She has competed in 3 meets this fall and placed in the top 10 all around each time. We are very excited for the state championship meet next Saturday. GOOOOO Brinlee!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My dad, my hero

My dad is a hero, he is my hero. He is a Vietnam Veteran. His brother Kent lost his life in Vietnam. He too is a hero. Today I honor my dad and my uncle Kent for their sacrifices for us and our beautiful, free, country. Everyone should take the time to remember our Veterans today and every day. We should never forget the price they have paid for our freedom. Thank you dad, thank you uncle Kent. You really are my hero's!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

"I shot the Sheriff, but I did not shoot the Deputy"

Standards Night, a blessing in disguise

Tonight is Stake Standards Night. I would love nothing more than to stay home in my snuggly, warm Jammie's, curled up in front of the fire watching a movie. But, I HAVE to go. Madie just turned 12 and entered Young Womens. She is quite excited about tonight. Madie's enthusiasm is refreshing. I love to hear her report on her lesson each Sunday. I'm surprised how much she actually listens and learns! Wow, I am so grateful for my daughters. They love the Gospel and want to do what is right. Now, that's not to say they are perfect by any means (Madie, Shay, and the dog are fighting as I type), but they are good kids with the desire to live righteously. I believe they teach me more than I will ever teach them. I think I just might be the most blessed person on earth!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another day, another dollar-

It happened. I finally had all I could take from one of my "co-workers" today. I have been working soooo hard on ignoring her, and her negativity; not letting her get to me or bring me down to her nasty level. I think what happened has something to do with the snow I woke up to today, it just set the mood for one of my best "I really shouldn't have said that" moments (yes I realize I have alot of them. I'm working on it okay!). So, needless to say, I made her quite angry with my snide remark, and ya know what? I think she had it coming! Am I terrible? I don't even feel bad that I was mean?! I guess I do feel bad that I allowed myself to act that way, but I don't feel bad for saying what I said. Someday I may learn how to control my urge to say things better left unsaid, but until then I'll be having foot for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy November-

HeeHaww, It's November!
I really wonder where the year has gone. I love, love, love this time of year; I know what is coming though....yeppers, the ugly SSSS word. I can't even bring myself to say it, much less type it. And that is how I feel about winter, snow, and the year coming to an end. I know, It's veeery deep. That's how I roll-